Our Team


Haylee Davis 

Haylee Davis is the Director of Jesmond Community Preschool. Haylee has been working with children for over 5 years. Haylee holds a Bachelor of Teaching (0-5 years) and a Bachelor of Education (0-5years). Haylee has a sound knowledge and awareness towards the importance of valuing the children's voices within the program, and is committed to creating a welcoming environment that embraces each child's potential. 

Assistant Director

Clair Robinson

Clair Robinson is the Assistant Director of Jesmond Community Preschool.  Clair has been working with children since 2012.  Clair holds a Bachelor's Degree of Early Childhood and Primary Teaching and is currently completing a Masters of Inclusive and Special Education..  Clair has a passion for education in the early years, especially enriching young minds through play, exploration, investigation and mindful experinces.


The staff at Jesmond Community Preschool are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment that helps to develop our children socially, emotionally, spirituality, intellectually and physically. Each member of our staff has extensive experience and relevant qualifications in early childhood education. 

Koala Room: Sharon, Jasmine, Shari
Kookaburra Room: Haylee, Clair, Tiona, Shari
Support Staff: Shari, Trudi, Catherine
Administration: Robyn (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)
Cleaner: Karina



As a community-based service, Jesmond Community Preschool is governed by a Management Committee elected during the preschool's Annual General Meeting. The role of the Committee is to determine the service’s mission and purpose and set the strategic direction of the service. The Management Committee work in collaboration with the Director and staff to ensure the delivery of a quality service that meets the needs of the children while meeting the standards outlined by regulatory agencies. Members of the Management Committee co-ordinate fundraising activities throughout the year to help the service raise funds to purchase additional resources. 

Executive Committee 2020


Andrew Hunter

Vice President: Kristie Blais


Lauren Boyton

General Committee 2020

Nisat Anika

* New members needed - please contact Robyn or Haylee